Postage for Phone Batteries Post delivery within the UK, EU Airmail Delivery StartsWorld Wide Airmail Starts. The Prices are based on items that weight Cordless Phone Batteries ALCATEL, CITIZEN, GRNERAL ELECTRICAL, NLT, SKYPHONE, ANSWERCALL, COBRA, GREAT, OPEDYS, SONY, AUDIOLINE, DBTEL, GRUNDIG, PANASONIC, SOUTH WESTERN BELL, ASCOM, DIALTRON, GEEMARC, GTE, PHILIPS, TELECOM, BETACOM, DORO, JVC, SAGEM, UNIDEN, BINATONE, DORA MATRA, MARK, SAMSUNG, VTECH, BT, EMERSON, MODULOPHONE, SANYO, CABLE & WIRELESS, ERICSON, MORPHY RICHARDS, SHARP, CASIO GEEMARC, NORTH WESTERN BELL, SIEMENS, Cordless Phone. PT6, 06C, BC101276, 08C, PT4JST, 14C, BC101213, 15C, BC101272, 29H, BC101214, 30H, BC101536, 33H, BC101686,34H, BC101778, 63C, BC101687, 69H, BC102002, 71H, BC102013, 78C, BC102163, 81H, BC102168, 82H, BC102171, 84H,BC102549, 85H, PT100686, 86C, PT4, 04G, BC101692,, 04H, BC102910, 88C, BC103508, 89H, BC103510, 91C, PT100772, 12C, BC101624, 12H, BC101286, 59H cordless phone.